Driving Software/SaaS transformations through performance, people, and process.

SaaS business leader with a passion for performance, people, and process. I drive business transformation through re-imagination, optimization, and collaboration.

Companies I've Helped Restore

HOV Services

How I Help

With a blend of business, technical, and interpersonal skills, I help colleagues develop detailed, process-based plans. Drawing from a wealth of legal, finance, development, operational, and sales experience, I assess projects from multiple angles and empower teams with the right skill sets and technologies. Through data-driven decision making and stakeholder satisfaction, I deliver outcomes that are mindful of process and methodology, and consistently exceed expectations.

Solving Ugly Problems

“JT fixes the things most people don’t even want to think about...”

Building & Leading Teams

"JT inspires and empowers teams, embracing challenges to achieve the unachievable."

Optimizing Business Operations

"Can identify process weaknesses, dig deeper, and streamline, strengthen, and standardize solutions."

Driving Profits

"His industry experience lets him spot profitability gaps and leverages data to assess contributing factors. He assesses technology to plug the gaps and appreciates its limits."

Results I've Generated


Increase in Profitability


Increased Average Sale


Increased Inbound Leads

I revolutionize Software/SaaS businesses, re-imagining and re-building operations to reduce costs and maximize revenue and profitability. By evaluating finances and performance data, I’m able to understand underlying problems and craft the best path forward. With a passion for building and developing engaged teams, I empower them to deliver above and beyond expectations. I’m known for breaking down silos and building mutually respectful, collaborative, cross-functional relationships to execute optimized change and deliver maximum value to the business.

What my colleagues…have to say…

Colleagues and coworkers praise JT’s exceptional leadership, analytical and problem-solving skills. He is proactive, professional, and a generous mentor. JT’s project management expertise, solid planning, and monitoring capabilities, along with clear communication, inspire the team’s success. His humility, empathy, and constructive feedback, instill confidence and pride, creating a supportive work culture.


"A good team player, always a champion of the customer, liked and trusted by his colleagues. Highly recommended as a member of any team."


“JT has an incredible work ethic. He is dedicated to his profession and consistently can be counted to do what is best for his company and their customers."

Rises to the Occasion

"Talented, personable, detail-oriented, creative, innovative, highly responsive, forward-thinking, gets great results."

Goes Above and Beyond

"Proactive in creating product momentum. Work stood out, generated sales interest."

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