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What have I become known for?
Business Transformation.

Short form:
I transform Software/SaaS businesses, re-imagining & re-building operations to reduce costs and maximize revenue and profitability. Having fun along the way.

Want more?:
I transform businesses with a focus on process optimization, automation, and standardization to improve sales performance, customer experience, and efficiency. Key achievements such as achieving year-over-year growth, record-breaking sales targets, and becoming a top partner for Autodesk and Dassault are the results of successful implementations of business transformation strategies.

Some specific tactics used include standardizing pricing and optimizing quoting and ordering processes, automating sales enablement and certification compliance tracking, and developing a repeatable process to maintain current pricing in CRM. Positions, including Product Portfolio Manager, and Global Head of Marketing, demonstrate a role in driving marketing strategies and managing a marketing budget, as well as mentoring and providing clear direction to a team of Application Engineers and Marketing Managers.

My business transformation skills focus on driving growth and efficiency through process optimization, automation, and standardization, as well as effective leadership and relationship building.