“JT has done some great work for me. He has a knack for finding different solutions to challenging problems. His approach to working on and solving a  problem is as keen as his efforts to implementing a solution. JT would make a great addition to any team!”
Pete Raciti, Operations Manager, Boss Products

“J.T. is an incredible person to work with! He is talented, personable, detail oriented, creative, innovative, highly responsive, forward thinking and gets great results. He is incredibly caring and thoughtful and connects very well with a wide range of people going through difficult situations. He has been extremely helpful to Ann Arbor SPARK and to the SE Michigan community.”
Amy Cell, Vice President, Ann Arbor SPARK

“JT is a pleasure to work with – dependable, dedicated and hard working. A good team player, always a champion of the customer, liked and trusted by his colleagues. Highly recommended as a member of any team.
Jeff Drust, formerly VP eBusiness, Autodesk

“Before you arrived, my houses were burning, they were on fire. Since you got here, my problems have gone away, no more fires.”
Suresh Yannamani, President, HOV Services

“JT is articulate and a detail/results oriented producer and strategic thinker who understands what it takes to drive business performance to his customers and the corporation.”
Sue Stallings, Vice President, HOV Services

“It is with pleasure that I recommend J.T. He is an enthusiastic leader who is not afraid to dig into any problem, roll up his sleeves and find a solution. He is professional, detail-oriented, smart, and passionate while possessing a unique balance of technical knowledge, business acumen and common sense.”
Lori Messana, Senior Account Executive, HOV Services (formerly LASON)

“I worked with JT for several years and always found him to be methodical and analytical in his approach to any challenge, problem or opportunity. He has excellent management skills and is a very articulate and detail/results-oriented producer and strategic thinker who understands what it takes to drive business performance to his customers and the corporation.

JT was always ready to support anyone who needed help in meeting either customer or corporate needs and would make time to help others succeed on a personal level. He excels as an independent performer but truly appreciates the value, and enjoys, team collaboration. He is a good listener and communicator and it has been a pleasure working with him as well as knowing him as a colleague and friend.”
Sue Stallings, Vice President, HOV Services

“I found JT to be an organized and detail-oriented individual. While working with JT on a variety of issues, I also found that he is extremely intelligent, works through problems and issues effectively, and has a very high level of integrity.”
Marcia Killian, Regional HR Manager, HOV Services

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend JT.  JT has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition to succeed. He is definitely a leader rather than a follower. In addition to his excellent business accomplishments, he has proven his leadership ability in his community as well. JT would be an asset to anyone looking for a senior manager with technical leadership and problem solving capabilities, and I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement.”
Brannon Robinson, Sr. Sales Executive, BPO Solutions, HOV Services

“J. T. was very proactive in creating positive momentum for the products that he managed. This included creating company newsletters, training and presentations, all of which were his own idea. In the myriad of electronic communications, J. T.’s work stood out and generated real interest in the products from the field sales organization.”
Marc Baines, SVP Business Development, HOV Services

“J.T. is very detailed oriented and professional in his approach and execution. He worked with both field sales and internal execution team very well in packaging the solutions developed as part of the document management group. J.T. quickly learnt the subject matter quickly to get fully engaged in the product management. I would rate him very high for his technical knowledge in web based solutions and for his management skills.” Arumugam Shanmugam, Director, HOV Services, – LASON

“I worked with J.T. on security and disaster recovery requirements of his product. As a product, manager, J.T. was one of those individuals who was attuned to both business and the technical aspects of his projects. He advocated strategy, yet he knew the details of the components. He approaches the role as a true product manager, and not just a gantt and task list jockey.
I recommend JT. I would welcome the opportunity to do business with him myself because he delivers what he commits”
Don Ledwith. CISSP CISA QSA, Chief Security Officer, HOV Services

“JT has an incredible work ethic. He is dedicated to his profession and consistently can be counted to do what is best for his company and their customers. JT is extremely analytical and gives great time and consideration to analyzing all aspects of his projects to assure that the needs of everyone are met. JT is dependable, trustworthily, very technically astute and is a definite asset to those he works with and for.”
Kay Axel, Tactical Services Manager, Autodesk

“I worked with J.T. at Autodesk and found him to be a talented and diligent contributor. I’d recommend him without reservation.”
Mike Bebout, Territory Sales Mgr, Autodesk

“JT is a detail-oriented project manager who exemplifies thoroughness and professionalism in all his work. His technical knowledge, coupled with his ability to understand the customer environment, positioned him to be an indispensible resource in all engagements we worked together. I found JT to be dependable, competent, and of impeccable character. It was a pleasure to work with him.”
Carl D’Abato, Territory Manager, Autodesk

“JT Pedersen and I worked together on many of Autodesk’s largest of existing accounts and largest of opportunities. I was a technical account manager and JT was a lead member of Autodesk’s consulting services team. JT worked diligently to understand the current business process at major accounts and to develop proposals which would deliver improved efficiencies and cost savings. JT showed impressive insight in considering both the adoption of technology and the potential pushback from corporate politics which might delay or derail approval.”
John Frazier, AE, AE Mgr, Technical Executive, Autodesk Inc

“JT and I worked together occasionally as like minds in different parts of the organization but with a shared purpose for the success of the company’s latest products (at one toime that was Mechanical Designer). JT is a pleasure to work with – dependable, dedicated and hard working. A good team player, always a champion of the customer, liked and trusted by his colleagues. Highly recommended as a member of any team.”
Jeff Drust, Vice President, Board Director, CSF (Computer Suppliers Federation)

“I have worked with J.T. for many years while he was at Autodesk and must say that J.T. is one of the most compelling Technical Managers I worked with. The challenges we faced, tackled and resolved in the automotive market were magnificent and ranged from simple technical hurdles to complex solutions integration and cross functional relationships. However, as most in the technical sales field know, the most important challenge(s) come in the form of customer expectations as well as future foresight for the proposed solutions. J.T. was excellent at managing the customers’ expectations and driving concerns and issues to successful conclusions.

I would highly recommend J.T. to any organization seeking a very motivated, analytical and committed individual.
Nabil Sater, Enterprise Sales Executive II, EAI, UGS, EDS PLM, Siemens

“I found J.T. to be a very thoughtful, highly intelligent professional who was always looking for new ways to solve a customer problem. His broad experience in technology, development processes, and business in general make him a uniquely well-rounded individual. I’d hire J.T. in a minute (and have tried).”
Stu Johnson, Sales Development Manager, Autodesk

“When I worked with J.T. at Autodesk he had started working on the customer support team for Autodesk’s brand new Mechanical Division. Here he displayed a comprehensive and organized means to resolving issues raised by customers and resellers. J.T.’s thoroughness was complemented by his friendly and open manner in the way he dealt with customers and colleagues.”
Stephen Hard, Market Development Manager – Mechanical, Autodesk

“JT is a consummate professional. I worked on several strategic projects with JT at Autodesk. His ability to understand issues, look for clarity, seek answers, and persevere in pursuit of the best solution is the experience to lead others. JT always multi-tasked dozens of mission critical assignments while maintaining the highest integrity and ethics. I would work with him again.”
Andrew Stein, Chief Marketing Officer

“When one works with JT, what immediately jumps out is his intelligence, clarity of thought, eloquence and enthusiasm. These qualities combined with his integrity, honesty and his high ethical standards set him apart from all his peers. He would be a terrific asset to any organization that he is a part of.”
Shree Moorthy, Director