Chatbot Showdown: Who Reigns Supreme in the AI Arena?

In a recent WSJ article titled “The Great AI Chatbot Challenge,” five AI chatbots—ChatGPT, Claude, Copilot, Gemini, and Perplexity—are compared, each with its distinct strengths and weaknesses across various tests covering health, finance, cooking, work writing, creative writing, summarization, current events, coding, and speed.

Perplexity emerged as the overall winner, surprising many by outperforming the more well-known ChatGPT, albeit for the time being. Given their ongoing competition, it wouldn’t be surprising if Gemini takes the lead next week 😉

Personally, for business-focused research and the flexibility to create custom GPTs, I lean towards ChatGPT. I often turn to Perplexity for targeted research or as a substitute for traditional Google searches. However, the promising Google Bard, now Gemini, was unfortunately marred by apparent racial bias, significantly reducing its utility.

Looking ahead, I envision a ChatGPT that allows for seamless updates to existing models, organizes chats in a manner similar to Perplexity for easy reference, and integrates genuine reference links effectively. Presently, navigating through the day with these AIs often necessitates using multiple bots tailored to specific purposes. Ultimately, only firsthand experience, tailored to individual needs, can determine the optimal mix of AI assistants.