Silos and Reinventing the Wheel: Why Rebooting the Familiar Can Be Revolutionary

In the business world, the “Not Invented Here” syndrome can hinder progress, but embracing proven practices and improving communication can spark transformation. Breaking down internal silos fosters collaboration and innovation, while leveraging industry standards saves time and resources. By prioritizing clear communication and embracing existing wisdom, companies can propel themselves forward.

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When Any Money is Good Money

There are a few key areas where a revenue operations (RevOps) professional can help out-of-control software businesses. These include aligning internal teams, improving sales processes, analyzing data, and driving performance through KPIs.
The “any money is good money” mindset can be dangerous, so it’s important for businesses to continually reinvest and grow at a rate comparable to their competition.

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On-Premise to SaaS Transformation Woes

The shift in software delivery models from on-premise to cloud-based continues, with SaaS being the dominant model today. However, change can be challenging.

We focused on five core drivers for making the move to the cloud: scalability, cost savings, flexibility, security, and competitive advantages.

Resource constrained, we pursued the revived ASP model offered by Oracle as a viable solution.

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